A reputation of service and excellence.

We quickly gained a reputation as one of Delaware’s premier caterers by putting thoughtful consideration into every aspect of the planning process. Our top priority has always been to provide excellent service and high-quality food at an affordable price.

The goal from the start has always been to be the best, and that requires genuine passion that comes from within. Each day starts with one question in mind: How can we improve? In order to launch the catering side of our business, we needed a new name. After putting our managerial team’s ideas together, we discovered the importance of hospitality—and what ours truly means. When it comes to hospitality, we believe that providing value and building lasting relationships with our customers are key ingredients to being successful. It all starts with having staff members who are excited to tell the Tonic Bar & Grille story—that we are not here to simply serve a meal, but rather to deliver an experience. We work to understand each customer’s expectations before incorporating our industry knowledge to design the perfect event. We believe in always honoring our commitments, in order to develop a great word-of-mouth reputation. Therefore, we decided to keep it simple and represent what brought us to this very moment: our hospitality group, Jamestown. We take great pride in “all-event” planning and providing world-class experiences that leave you with a memorable impression.